Sandalwood and Lavender oil to nourish the hair


India is famous in oil industry and products for the hair to make it thick and attractive,

if you want your  hair to be  silky and  draws attention you only need to

follow some of the masks they used for their hair…here is one of them

1. Sandalwood and lavender oil to nourish hair


• 8 drops of sandalwood oil.
• 8 drops of lavender oil.
½ cup of soy oil.


Mix  all the ingredients,put it in the microwave until the mixture is warm,

then massage it on your hair.Leave it on  for 20 minutes, then wash your hair.

* Use this method once or twice a week.

* You can also do the same way using the following ingredients, if you do not have  sandalwood oil:
½ cup soy oil.
  Rose oil.
Lavender oil.


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