silky, smooth and shiny straight hair



How to get silky, smooth and shiny straight hair?



How to get silky, smooth and shiny straight hair?
The magic formula to soften dry hair from the first time
Dear ,do not worry your dream become now  into reality with this magic formula that we offer you 

exclusively for In style fashion one, you get a hair smooth as silky hair  from the first use.

3 Banana peels
2 cups of coconut oil.
2 cups of Olive oil


Put banana peels with coconut oil ,olive oil in a blender

and  blend them well until you get a smooth mixture.
When you done with the blending put the mixture in a pan

and cook it on low heat for ten minutes or until you see it boiling.

Put it in a jar and let cool. The mask is ready now.
Take some of this mask and put it on your hair for one 

hour or two depend on your time ,I used it for two hours.
Wash your hair and you’ll notice the positive surprise


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