Smell – delicious – and – let – all -say Wow.


Grandma always smell delicious and when we are out in the mall or  in the restaurant

ladies asked her what she is wearing …Well she reveal her secret to me and I have to tell you

you should try it ..all will say Wow ,what a delicious smell you wearing ..

first you have to buy body scented oil the one you love or match your skin type ;

what that’s mean ..some of us their skin goes with jasmine oil and some with lavender

Mine goes with White musk and the Egyptian musk scented oil..

now when you have your scented body oil soon you shower before you dry yoursefl

rub some on your skin behind the ears and also under your pit..

when you ready to go out mix it with your own perfume sound hilarious but

give it a try girl and tell me what do you think ?







using scented body oil and mixing it with perfume


I usually apply baby Jonson oil after shower

( i don’t dry myself with towel, i apply the oil directly after shower)

and then spray all over my body spray, the smell lasts longer, have u tried this b4

Mix Al-Buraq oudh with either Miss Dior Cherie or Chloe by Chloe and you’ll smell

so so so good! Random people will literally come up to you and tell you how amazing you smell

…happens to me all the time

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