Smokey Eyes, how to apply it






I have been using eye Shadow for couple years , and have loved everything about it!

I haven’t had problems with the applicator; I use a brush to blend, and the eye shadow stays all day.

Watch this video from Maybelline New York  to know how to use  it….

Start with foundation that match your skin. Find the base shade,

apply it all over the upper lid, working it into the lid with a fluffy brush.

Sweep up into the brow line. Tap the shade onto the lid using the brush to build color.

Concentrate on the ball of the lid, sweeping color out to the sides to blend

Apply the same shade you just used along your bottom lash line with a

small angled brush, using short feathering strokes. Wrap around the entire eye.

Creat crease shade, the color you want to apply ,black ,brown  or dark purple.

Start from the middle of the lid and work the shade in and out in a windshield wiper motion, covering the eye.

Make sure to blend the color really good. Then add eyeliner-for a better result use black eyeliner

pencil as they are easier to smudge. Finish with several coats of black mascara





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