The South Bank Grand Arbour Amazing Park Lands




The South Bank Grand Arbour іs а kilometer long arbour located іn the South Bank Park lands іn Brisbane, Australia.

The structure functions аs а pedestrian walkway connects the Griffith Film School оn the corner оf

Dock Street аnd Vulture Street tо the Cultural Forecourt adjacent tо QPAC,

аs well аs the rest оf the South Bank Park lands .According to wiki,

The South Bank Grand Arbour was designed by a Melbourne-based firm Denton Corker Marshall in 1997 and completed in 1999 in Brisbane, Australia. It earned a lot of architecture awards. The kilometre-long Arbour is a pedestrian pathway through the South Bank precinct and it separates the Brisbane River side from Grey Street. The snake-shaped structure, consisting of 443 steel tendrils, runs through the site. It divides the South Bank Park lands into various sized circular spaces which serve different functions, such as open space for shops, a beach, a lawn, a pond and so on. The main feature of the Arbour is the armature of the tendrils forming the continuous contortions. The yellow lighting panels are also hung on the tendrils to create fantastic effect at night.

Adding colour to the green environment of South Bank, the planting of the Arbour plays a significant role. Nine horizontal stainless steel cables pierce each tendril to support the Arbour structure and provide support for bougainvillea. The Arbour provides shade for pedestrians and the bougainvillea provides wonderful color. The Arbour has become a place of growing importance to local people and visitors. Joggers like running in the pathways. Mothers lead their children to play in the Park lands and enjoy the walk. The Arbour is also a venue for different running races. As the tourism in Brisbane grows, more and more tourists flock in and the Grand Arbour is one of the attractions that they will not miss. From the Arbour, walkers have a fantastic view of the Brisbane CBD and, at the same time, they can feel close to nature.













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