Straight Hair and very healthy By Grandma Susan



Hi Divas,


I’m a huge fan when it comes to DIY hair and especially Straight hair When I visit my Grandma Susan she always provide me with her experience which I love it

and her DIY really works. Girls with frizzy hair you should try this DIY ….And next Article Grandma Susan will let us do another DIY leave on conditioner on the go .


Five  spoons  conditioner  any kind available

Five spoons olive oil

Five  spoons  lemon juice (Optional) If You have sensitive skin skip it ,but if you don’t have lemon use vinegar it’s also works.

Five  spoons mayonnaise


Method :

Mix all ingredients together until you get a smooth paste .

Spread the paste on your scalp and  hair ,message the routes  for at least two minutes,cover it with plastic cap and

leave it on for 50 minutes. Rinse  with warm water.




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