To whiten under your arms




To get off the blackness under your arms here is the solution.


My grandma Susan says this is what she used fifty years ago, this mask make the under arms white and clear .When we are shaving under our arms  the skin becomes dark ..This mask works also for dark skin  because under the arm shows darker than any area of the body . Try ladies this mask it’s natural and you will see  amazing results from the first use …




_ Half  teaspoon salt

_ 1/3 cup of rose water.

_ 1/3 cup of Johnson‘s baby powder


Mix all ingredients together until you get a smooth dough.
Put the mixture under your arm for 30 minutes, now wash under your arm and see the difference 

Do this mask every time you shave or waxing under your arms..

My Grandma wants to know how this was when you did it …

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