Villa Mia Amazing Place For your next Vacation



Villa Mia  is a breath taking place….If you are planing to travel consider this place … on the beach of Koh Samui island in Thailand,

Villa Mia‘s architecture is inspired by the Balinese style of many pavilions built around a central courtyard and enclosing a swimming pool.

According to the official villa description, “the entrance pavilion faces the ocean, and on the right of the entrance is

a large garage area. To the left is a fitness room and the staff quarters. One pavilion is home to the open-plan kitchen,

dining area and living area. Beyond the kitchen is a doorway leading out to a covered Thai-style kitchen.

The two pavilions on either side of the central swimming pool make up the villa’s living and sleeping areas.

The  bedroom looks out onto the pool, has a central walkway leading into the stunning

en-suite bathroom with doors opening to a private outdoor courtyard full of tropical plants,

stone sculptures and wooden decking surrounding an over-sized terrazzo bathtub.

The other bedrooms mirror the first two bedrooms in the opposite pavilion

One  bedroom is in a separate pavilion and opens onto the garden…What a tropical amazing place…I love the combination of the swimming pool surrounding all the rooms.


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