Virgo – Women – Are – You – One – Of – Them


Miss Virgo is not one to be trifled with and she truly knows what she is all about. It would be a grave mistake to underestimate this female.

She will set goals and overcome any odds to achieve them. The most enlightened Virgo woman is one who has developed both her

intellectual and spiritual sides. Such a female is extremely powerful,

magnetic and charming one who could possibly sway an entire nation, if not the entire world.

Miss Virgo  is conservative. She is a straightforward, traditional-minded girl and loves routine. Even if you take her to her favorite restaurant every day, she would be as pleased as punch.

She is a stickler for cleanliness. She likes people and things around her to be neat and tidy. Make sure you are well groomed while dating her. You may not be wearing the clothes that are in vogue, but as long as they are clean and well-ironed, she would be impressed. And here’s a tip—don’t wear a strong perfume. Virgo girls are sensitive to strong smells.

Be careful with your spending. Miss Virgo  will appreciate that. She also loves Nature and nothing can win her heart like a serene Nature walk. But make sure you have a cozy armchair ready for her at the end of it all…she will welcome your gesture. Her satisfaction will be evident from the glow on her cheeks and the spark in her eyes.

Miss Virgo  can undoubtedly be both realistic and practical but she is governed by her moods and the extent of her practicality largely depends on that. She is less emotional and sentimental but more sensitive. This could be another reason why she has more male friends. She is also dreamy and idealistic.

The aggressive kind of  Miss Virgo  is expressive and is capable of emoting and smiling with her eyes. Her eyes have a distinct quality of catching your attention with the multitude of emotions in there. The passive kind of Virgo woman is extremely warm and friendly and is also very caring about her friends and loved ones. However, both kinds have a subtle dressing sense… nothing loud works for them. You will usually find them dressed as occasion demands. They seem to be obsessed with shoes and handbags and now I know how so many stores survive

She finds it easier to follow than lead. Although she has a strong opinion about everything she is comfortable at following rather than leading. This could also be because of fear of failure, in which case she wouldn’t want to take the responsibility.

Are you one of them …..?


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