Walnut Scrub Mask For Face And Body




Walnut and yogurt is a good mix of scrub to remove dead skin from all over the body .You can use on your face and body too.

Walnut has the capability to remove  the dead skin cells while the yogurt become the anti bacterial and fungus at the same time.  Yogurt  reduce   wrinkles .

If  used  for the face you need :

5 pieces of walnut

3 teaspoon of plain yogurt

Place the walnut in a food processor and turn it on for 3 seconds

remove the walnut, it shouldn’t be powder , mix it with yogurt

and scrub your face with it in circle slowly  motion  for one minute

leave the scrub on for 15 to 20 minutes and wash with cold water.

Now feel your skin its so smooth and fresh .Do this mask scrub once a week

to get rid of wrinkles and to have smooth skin .

If you want to scrub your whole body mix one cup

of walnut with 10 tablespoon of plain  yogurt .Scrub for two minutes

and wash with warm water.


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