Whitening Face Mask Just with Two Items




Hi Divas,

Today I talk to grandma Susan on the phone and while we searching about something she mentioned a mask

that she is wearing today because it’s grandpas birthday I was so happy and now I’m writing for you about this mask

It’s whitening mask for face skin all you need is in your kitchen but if your skin is sensitive dont do it Girls because we are going to use lemon


One Squeezed Lemon

Two Tablespoon Milk Powder I used Nido

Method :

Mix all the ingredients very well and when the mixture is creamy put all over your face

but not the eyes area and leave it on until it’s dry then message the dry mixture from your face

in round circular  when done wipe the rest with rose water ,now feel your skin and look in the mirror

is there any difference for me yes I see mine getting smooth and whiter tyr it girl and let us know how it works for you.

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