Your skin is important


Skin is the most important think for a  lady because if your skin looks healthy you will look in your best even without makeup..


Silky skin. Moisturize your skin with hydrating cream. Do mild exfoliation once a week and clear your skin before applying moisturizer

otherwise it might cause clogged pores and as a result bad, dull skin.

Cool water is better for washing your face because after hot water even after shower the cool dry air makes skin rough.
Rose and lavender : Those two work great when it comes to calming the skin inflammation.
Layered makeup. Use layers to protect and maintain your skin. Apply antioxidant serum, then face cream and top off with sunscreen.
Bad habits. Besides smoking there are some bad habits that can cause blemishes. For example, sleeping on one side of your

face can cause deeper wrinkles on that side. Try getting rid of these habits and use silk pillow cases.

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