Acne Infection – Treat with Grandma Susan’s Secret



Hi Gorgeous,


Get rid of Acne infection by this DIY .My Friend Dior asked my Grandma for help and this is what she told her to do .

Grandma Susan Told me this is her  Secret  and it should work perfect for acne.

Let me tell you and then let us see if anybody  tried  it..

You Will Need One Banana….yellow /black one.

Eat the banana, and save the peel.

Make sure that the peel is yellow/black and not green.

when it has a mix of yellow and black it is usually most effective.

Cut The Banana Peels to two inch pieces and start to

use the inside part of the peel, rub the infected area with it.

Acne is usually red, and that means that whatever treatment you are using is not helping it very much.

The inside part of the peel decays into black color as you rub due to whatever soot gets on your face, and you should replace and throw away the banana peel once it is entirely black.

You should continue to do this for at least 10 minutes.

After that, there is not much additional effect.

Do not wash your face after rubbing. This is important.

The peel will help  remove the infection from the skin.

Use it every day.

After one day, you should see some improvements.

When acne is not red and instead is nearly the color of your skin, the infection is weakened and cannot grow anymore.

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  • 2015 at 5:51 am

    Why we don’t wash our face after rubbing banana peel?


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