Aspirin may reduce cancer of the pigment cells

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As we all know Aspirin is good for the heart but not for those who have allergy,

Known aspirin, long ago, its benefits multiple health such as pain relief and protection from heart attacks, and also as property may help protect against skin cancer,

according to the findings of the U.S. study, pointed to his role in the prevention of a specific type of skin cancer that affects cells chromosomal melanoma.

The research found, conducted by Stanford University, a strong relationship between aspirin, and this type of cancer since at least the

rate of infection among drug users frequently, but the study found no evidence of a relationship between common property and declining risk of the disease.
And supports recent research results reached by the previous scientific studies that aspirin may be protective against some cancers,

researchers believe that inflammation play a big role in the infection.

These are not the first study of its kind, which took aspirin as a protective lubricant from cancers,

Earlier this year, revealed a study on the role of aspirin in the fight against lung cancer in women,

and other spoke about its importance in the delay progress colon cancer in patients.
But if you are allergic to Aspirin speak to your doctor.

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