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Neck Pain – Try This Oil Mixture

  Hi Divas , Happy New Year To All Of You My Friends.   This massage mix will let your neck muscle relax and painless . Ingredients: Ten Tablespoons Olive oil Twenty Tablespoons of

Parsley detox mask

      Boil  one  teaspoon of chopped parsley in  five teaspoon water and let it rest for 15 minutes. Strain the herb, and when it cools down, apply the herb  on your face. This

This mask is for the darkness between the thighs,

Grandma Susan provide us today with a mask that really works for me …thanks grandma. This mask is for the darkness between the thighs, Ingredients 5 teaspoons olive oil one lemon juice Mix the

Hair mask using Nettle Oil For hair Loss

  Hi Divas… Hair mask using Nettle Oil For hair LOss 1 cup fresh nettle tops ½ Cup of nettle roots ¼ Cup fresh fruit of Laurel (or if not found ¼ Cup Laurie

Leonardo DiCaprio New Look

  Hi Divas, Leonardo DiCaprio : Titanic  Star  Jack  ,he sits alone in a restaurant in New York City Itnoa low-calorie diet, DiCaprio has a strange beard !! Leonardo DiCaprio was looking different !!!

Carrots Hair Mask To Fix Dead Ends

    Hi Divas, This mask  is so for all kind of hairs. Mash boiled carrot and mix it with tablespoon of plain yogurt. Mix it well until you get a smooth mixture. Apply

Coconut milk Mask For Dry & Damaged Hair

Hi Divas,  Grandma Susan provides us today with coconut milk mask …. This mask is for damaged and dried hair from coloring or the weather .. Now it’s summer and we always go to
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