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Lavender Oil – Hair Treatment

This sweet smelling product has antibacterial properties that keep the scalp clean and the pores open. It helps to reduce issues that can prevent hair from growing like excessive dandruff. Tip: Use this fragrant

Peppermint Oil – Hair Treatment

Peppermint Oil  With a fresh aroma, this strongly concentrated oil must be diluted before applying to the scalp. It penetrates the scalp and stimulates the hair follicle, allowing for more oxygen production that gives

Stinging Nettle – Mask for Hairloss

This herb does double duty. Allowing stinging nettle oil to sit in your hair overnight can help combat hair loss and also give your curls a boost in the growth department. The nutrients help

silky, smooth and shiny straight hair

    How to get silky, smooth and shiny straight hair?     How to get silky, smooth and shiny straight hair? The magic formula to soften dry hair from the first time Dear

Demi’s Lovato New Look – Shaved Her Hair

  Demi Lovato dyed her hair hot pink back in January for her Neon Lights tour   She  shaved part of  her head,anyway she looks awesome in any hairstyle , I love her look

Kate Bosworth Fiery Red HAIR

Kate Bosworth’s perfect buttery blonde has been replaced by a full-fledged, fiery red. The change is the result of a “ginger” lead in the film Still Alice. With her pale skin the new shade

Rose Water Promotes Hair Growth.

Rose water is used in lots of beauty product . To get healthy hair try this remedy.   Mix a little amount  of rose water in your regular shampoo and wash the hair as
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