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Jojoba – oil – for – healthy – hair

    Jojoba oil is a great oil to keep in the bathroom for your hair. You can get it from any health food store. Simply massage a few drops of it into your

Almond Milk Hair Mask

Ingredients: Almond Milk: 4- 5 tbsps Egg white: 3- 4 tbsps Coconut Oil: 1-2 tbsps Procedure: Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl and gently apply it on your hair with brush. If

Eggs mask for your hair

When you have extra time try this hair mask. Ingredients: Egg white (for oily hair and scalp) 1 full egg (for normal to dry hair) Lemon Juice- 2 drops Method: Take one egg or

Olive Oil hair message

Hello Dolls, Dry hair is a major problem because the climate and we are hitting now to Autumn which our hair will be very dry and dull This kind of weather always damage our

Natural Relaxer for your hair

Coconut oil strengthens the hair. Castor oil gives the hair health and will get longer. Olive oil makes the hair shiny (non-greasy) and almond oil nourishes the hair.   Ingredients: Equal amounts of: _

Step by step hairstyles

Styled up do for the Brides

    There is nothing more glamorous than a well styled up do. Up dos can be dressed up as much as you want, they are extremely easy to add jewels, flowers, feathers or
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