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Tomato juice and honey detox mask

  Women who have regular acne, blackhead or other such skin problems can benefit greatly from this mask. Mix two tablespoons of tomato juice with one tablespoon of honey, and apply it on your face. Leave

Mask for split ends – Hair

    We all suffer from split ends in our hair so Grandma Susan offer you this mask to get rid of all the split ends and get healthy hair Half avocado One egg One

Pomegranate the Queen Fruit – Face Mask

  Hi Divas, Pomegranates  – My Grandma call it ,the fruit of the QUEEN  – Its botanical name is Punica Granatum, and lately has taken the spotlight when it comes to healthy eating and

Mask For Dry Chapped Skin

                                                                           Hi Divas, This is great moisturizing mask for dry chapped skin. Ingredients: Honey (2 tablespoon) Blended Avocado (½ tablespoon) Instructions: Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with half tablespoon of blended avocado.

Makeup Tips for Dark Circles and Spots

Hi Divas, Here are some tips will help you use makeup . Makeup Tips for Dark Circles and Spots Try these easy ways to brighten under-eye circles and dark spots—and get the even complexion

Lip Plumpers Naturally

    Make your own lip plumpers by using essential oils and natural home ingredients. The effect will not be long lasting as with other chemical methods, but it will give your lips a

Homemade Buttery Coconut Moisturizer

  Hi Divas. Making your own moisturizer isn’t as intimidating as it looks! To make this buttery coconut moisturizer, you’ll need ½ cup shea butter, ¼ cup cocoa butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil. Mix
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