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Follow these steps to get beautiful nails:

There are several things that we do without even knowing that they are in fact destroying our nails. Follow these steps to get beautiful nails: 1. Don’t paint your nails before making sure that

Nice design for nails

If you’ve always wondered how women get such perfectly shaped nails, it’s probably got nothing to do with how good the salon or nail artist is. It’s as simple as cut and paste. All women

Nail design is an art

Every woman wants her nail design to be unique and different than the others that’s why we have a lot of designs out there to choose from but still there are some creative women

Nice nails design

You can rock the world in a simple t-shirt and jeans and some killer nail designs. It is like an accessory with you all day and walking out of that salon gives you an

Cracked Heels – Treat It At Home

Hi Divas, There is more methods for crack feet here are some of them in here maybe it will help you.   Vaseline is another great remedy for cracked and blackened feet. Just apply

Home Made Lip-Gloss – How To Do It

Hi Divas, If some of your eyeshadow or blusher broken keep them and make your own home made lip-gloss . Place broken shadows & blushers in a container  break up shadow/blush until powdery Adjust

Glycerin and Sugar For Soft Feet

      Hi Divas,   Spring is around the corner and we all love to treat our feet the right way and get them soft , especially after this hard  winter .If you
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