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Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

      Hi Divas, Fall is still here and thanksgiving is around the corner ,of course we all love the holidays season because this is the only way we can see each other

Seychelles The Best Place For Honeymoon

    A nature lover’s dream and a place to revive your senses! Home to endless breathtaking beauty, limitless great outdoor activities, wonderful beaches, topaz waters, backed by lush green hills and big glacis

Greek Isle: Cavo Tagoo Resort, Mykonos

  Hi Divas, Are you planing to travel this summer ? Here is a place that I have it in my wish list… The beautiful Cavo Tagoo Hotel is surrounded by the blue Mediterranean

Aspirin may reduce cancer of the pigment cells

Hi Divas , As we all know Aspirin is good for the heart but not for those who have allergy, Known aspirin, long ago, its benefits multiple health such as pain relief and protection

Balloon Centerpieces – A Popular Decoration

  Hi Divas, In November I should celebrate my  sweet sixteen birthday  and I was thinking about the centerpieces I should use . Grandma Susan and Mom told me to go for Balloons as

Frosty Watermelon – Smoothie

      Hi Divas, Summer is here and we all love smoothies , especially when it is very  humid  ..Here are a watermelon frosty which I adore in this  kind of weather. 2.5 cups

How to react in an interview..

It’s hard for all of us to be sitting in an interview ,some of us got nervess and some take it so easy but most of us taking it so hard and even we
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