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Exercise have a better complexion overall

  Lifting weights, doing aerobic workouts, and stretching into a yoga pose all benefit your skin as well as your body. Most of the time, exercise conjures up images of losing weight, building muscle,

Nice pics

Maite Perroni

      Maite Perroni Beorlegui was born in  March 9, 1983. Maite is a Mexican actress and singer. She has played in many novelette such as:’’ Rebelde’’ ,  ‘’Care by angel’’ , ‘’The

Givenchy’s Heels

    Givenchy‘s bondage heel oozes a certain kind of luxury, one that’s clean-cut but has the faintest touch of S&M, just enough to keep things interesting. The closet staple gets a sharp update

Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix Is Designing for Desigual     Just a year and a half ago, a financially troubled Christian Lacroix was showing couture in Paris. After an Ajman sheikh taunted Lacroix and the world

feeling, thinking, doing

Remember to think F.T.D. 1. Feeling 2. Thinking 3. Doing 1. Feeling: Your heart physically makes you aware of your “real feelings.” Is it heavy, joyous, sad or perhaps racing? Listen to your-heart, it

Ariel Winter and Justin Bieber’s song

Ariel Winter posted a few pics of herself on Twitter. One of them has a caption that simply says, “❤” and another has the lyrics to Justin Bieber‘s song ‘As Long As You Love Me’: “I’ll
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