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Oscars 2014: Lupita Nyong’o, Jared Leto take home awards

.   “It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s, and so I want to salute the spirit of

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are engaged!

Do you think these two will last long term? Who would have guessed that more than 10 years after Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher shared their first kiss on the set of That ’70′s Show, they will get engaged

Trends Spring 2014 – Go Pastels

    Spring is on its way here, the color wheel this season was decidedly one-sided. Collections were crafted in warm shades of poppy, deep fuchsia, and tangerine, giving cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, and even

Wall Murals Add Beauty to Your Decor

Wall murals are a very modern and elegant way to decorate interiors and change the entire look of your house or room in a heart beat. They are super-easy to install. Some of them are no-glue/no-tool wall

A Rose For You -Happy Valentine’s Day My Dear Friends

      Happy Valentine’s Day My Dear Friends, What says Valentine’s Day more than chocolate and roses?                

Etiquette for a Lady -Being a woman does not automatically make one a lady

Being a woman does not automatically make one a lady. Being a woman does not automatically make you classy. If you want to be treated like a princess, and date a gentleman, then you

Single on Valentine’s Day?

          Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t complain if you celebrate Valentine’s Day as single , it’s not the end of the world. For singles there are three main ways to
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