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Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa

            Kupu Kupu Barong is a romantic 5 stars boutique hotel in Bali and an idyllic resort for an unforgettable honeymoon.   The resort was named Kupu Kupu

Natural Shoe Polish !

Hi Divas, How are you all doing , hope all is going well , Here is  a Nice Hint how  To polish your hubby shoes or boyfriend or maybe your dad….Or maybe yours the

Victoria’s Secret body splash …My Favorite

  Howdy Divas, Victoria’s Secret body splash  .  I’m absolutely obsessed with them. With the sweet and tart fragrances of Apple and Raspberry The ultra moisturizing hand and body cream. Experience the luxury of

Water Falls in Hocking Hills State Park – Ohio

  Hi Divas, This weekend I planed a trip to the amazing waterfall …..This is one of America’s most beautiful waterfalls. It’s so hidden and so secret it doesn’t even have a name. Travel

DOLCE & GABBANA – What To Wear In Capri – July 2014

     July  /18/2014. Models walk the runway during the Dolce & Gabbana show as part of Milan Fashion Week Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall Alta Moda show looked more like a scene out of

Nurit Hen Bridal Collection 2014 – Wow – Is Not Enough

    Luxurious fabrics and Swarovski crystals are spun into magical dresses making each Nurit Hen original a sight to behold. gorgeous wedding dresses by Nurit Hen 2014.  Nurit Hen is an Israeli designer.

Yes — To Blazers This Summer Season

      Hi Divas, As we know Summer word when we mention it my imagination go to  a hot muggy day . When I say Blazer also you will say ..What …in this
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