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‪‎Bruce Jenner‬ to ‎Caitlyn Jenner‬

  Hi Divas, I think she looks great for 65 years old..Maybe some are jealous  and a lot of rumors around but still she looks fantastic for me. NEW YORK, N.Y.—Speaking publicly for the

Shoes to Wear With Your Wedding Dress

How to Select Shoes to Wear With Your Wedding Dress   Bridal shoes can make or break a wedding day for a bride. Not only does the right shoe have to match the bride,

Nice short dresses

Hi Divas, Short dresses always been in style but not all of us would wear them .. When it comes to short dress always wear high heels to show the beauty of the dress

Fragrances winners of 2015

      Hi Divas, The 2015 Fragrances winners As it appears at Fragrance.org We all love perfumes but every women in this world choose her perfume by trying some of it on her

Stripes Is The Trend Of Spring / Summer 2015

  Clothes play an important role in showing your characteristic. Through clothes you wear, everyone can know who you are. That’s why we saying Dress to Impress , Besides that, there are no ugly

Outfits that would help you to create your own

    Hi Divas, I used Polyvore.com to create these outfits , some of us can’t afford to buy these items but for sure in our closet their is similar items same colors so

Abed Mahfouz Evening Dresses

ABED MAHFOUZ Raised in the arms of a modest family in Lebanon and being surrounded with family members that work in tailoring, Mahfouz opened his first bridal boutique in 1985 with his sister in
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