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Trends Spring 2014 – Go Pastels

    Spring is on its way here, the color wheel this season was decidedly one-sided. Collections were crafted in warm shades of poppy, deep fuchsia, and tangerine, giving cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, and even

A Rose For You -Happy Valentine’s Day My Dear Friends

      Happy Valentine’s Day My Dear Friends, What says Valentine’s Day more than chocolate and roses?                


WOMEN AND JEANS.*** I’m sure you are just like me and my friends. I’m 5’’08 and most of my girls are 5’10 or so, my BFF is about 6feet tall and we all can

Wearing Jeans

  We all love Jeans especially teens age ,they feel comfortable when wearing jeans but usually they add some sizes up .I prefer the jeans to fit my size and also to wear it

Black and white outfits

Black and White this two colors always in style and this summer 2013 you can see all stores carry this nice outfits from dresses to shirts to pants even zebra design some ladies love

Mix and match

  To match our cloth is so difficult when your wardrobe is full of colors and you get lost there and that’s why we always says I don’t have nothing ton wear …but if

closet cleaning

    With the help of our outfits , you will learn which colors to use in makeup and clothing and which styles suit you the best. The goal is to use your clothing
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