Chocolate is the most important weapon In Covid19

 Stress is the big issue we have these days and to get rid of it you should read this but don’t eat too much chocolate because you will gain weight which you don’t want.

Tension dominates the woman’s life because  worries of work and home and family. Chocolate is the most important weapon to eliminate the tension. This is shown by a survey on health page. Since it was found that 45% of women resort to chocolate to relieve the tension ratio.Indeed, studies prove that chocolate relieves tension because it works to raise happiness hormone in the body and thus gives women a sense of comfort and calm. But, dear attention and should not excessive intake of chocolate because it increases your weight. Here are some health tips dayThat allows you to eat chocolate in a healthy way:– Choose dark chocolate because it is the richest in antioxidants.– Eat only a small piece of chocolate a day, they contain 45 calories.– Add the chocolate sauce to the kinds of fresh fruit for vitamins, minerals and calm at the same time.– Drink a cup of hot chocolate  It’s Alright from time to time.On the other hand, the poll showed that 27% of women resort to the sport to reduce stress and healthy this distinction, especially as the sport also eliminate the stress and depression and maintain heart health and protect against disease, diabetes, stress and cancer. As it turns out that 25% of women do walk to relieve tension and only 3% taking the pills.

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