To Eliminate The Signs Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles From Your Eye Area



Hi Divas.


Two herbal tea bags……chamomile or green tea, any kind herbal tea


In order to decrease or eliminate the signs of fine lines and wrinkles from your eye area are by

using an herbal tea bag. Herbal tea bags  include  ingredients that  will start working right away to treat tired,

swollen or puffy eyes. Simply heat up a pot of boiling water and immerse the herbal tea bag (or you can heat up a mug

of hot water to put the tea bag in). Afterwards, remove the herbal tea bag and allow it to cool for five minutes before

wringing out excess water. Place one herbal tea bag on each eyelid and let it sit there for between 10-15 minutes.

It is best to find a nice, comfortable area of your home to lie down and let the herbal tea bag do its magic.

When you are done, remove the tea bags and discard them. Make sure to gently rinse your eye area,

pat dry and add your favorite eye cream.

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