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Febreze But Home Made

Hi Divas,

As you know girls when the house or our home fabrics smell from cooking or sleeping ,we want something to refresh it and I think if you try this you will never buy febreeze from the store .

Febreeze is supposed to freshen up your home and fabrics – but it’s packed full of toxic chemicals that are dangerous to our health. Plus it can be outrageously expensive.

It is so simple to make that you’ll never have to buy it again.


Spray Bottle I bought one from Wallmart
One teaspoon of baking soda
12 Drops of essential oil – such as lavender, eucalyptus


Add the baking soda to a bowl, add the essential oil and mix.

Using a funnel, pour the baking soda into the spray bottle and top up with water.

Shake well  and spray!



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