feeling, thinking, doing

Remember to think F.T.D.

1. Feeling
2. Thinking
3. Doing
1. Feeling: Your heart physically makes you aware of your “real feelings.” Is it heavy, joyous, sad or perhaps racing? Listen to your-heart, it tells your body there is something wrong (or right).

2. Thinking: Now “think intelligently” about what is bothering you. You must stay calm. Don’t rush into decision-making. Weigh carefully what is upsetting you. Evaluate the positive actions you can take to get back into alignment. Then you can take the appropriate action and…do.

3. Doing: It is very important that you “do what is right…do not do just to do” to get yourself back into alignment. You do not want to do what is wrong for you. You may figure out that you cannot do this on your own so… ask for help. Asking for help is a proactive way to reach success.

Life isn’t always a full cup of lemonade.

Do Something GOOD Today: When life’s got you down, send yourself    F.T.D. (feeling, thinking, doing)

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