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Fireworks often mark a July 4th holiday.


It seems just like yesterday when we last celebrated 4th of July and now, here we are again.

Skies lit up with fireworks often mark a July 4th holiday.

It’s  essential to know your area’s laws regarding when and where fireworks can be used, experts said.

Each state determines when, where and how fireworks may be used legally within state boundaries.

Using state guidelines, counties and local governments sometimes adjust those regulations.

For instance, severe drought conditions can result in a total ban on fireworks, which can spark wildfires.

If you are looking to change things up this year with regard to how you celebrate Independence Day,

you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we provide you with a couple unique ideas on how you

can welcome the 4th of July with a bang. Without further ado, here goes:

  1. Host a game night with friends or family. In a world where gadgets and devices seem to have taken over
  2. almost every social gathering, why not have fun the old-fashioned way and a host a game night with either friends
  3. or family members? Bust out the Cranium, Scrabble or Apples to Apples and enjoy the laughs and jokes as you count down to the 4th!
  4. Go off the grid. If you are looking to have an unforgettable time and pay the environment a favor at the same time,
  5. invite a group of friends over and go off the grid. What does this entail? This means that everyone needs to lay down
  6. their respective devices and gadgets (e.g. i Pad, iPhone, laptop, Android) on the table and turn them off. It also means
  7. cutting the power in the house so that everyone has to chat and bond in the dark. This is one great way to ensure that
  8. there are no distractions. It also makes welcoming the 4th extra fun as you light up the sky with fireworks when midnight strikes.
  9. If the heat is too much, you can keep the AC on or go off the grid outdoors. What’s important is that everyone ‘disconnects’.
  10. Have a sports showdown. Set up a game of flag football with your nearest and dearest. Could it get any more American than this?
  11. Sweat up the night, stir up the sportsmanship and friendly competition, and play the night away. Make the game extra fun and
  12. challenging by preparing sumptuous meals to look forward to and rewards and prizes that are sure to be enjoyed by the victors.

In addition to July 4th, New Year’s Day is the other holiday when fireworks are most commonly used, said Apel,

from the National Council on Fireworks Safety. He said he does not know of any state that allows fireworks outside of those two dates.

As of January 2012, Delaware, Maine, New Jersey and New York are the only states that ban all consumer use of fireworks,

according to the American Pyrotechnics Association. Those four states do license commercial firework companies to run fireworks shows for special events.

Illinois, Iowa, Ohio and Vermont allow the commercial displays and give consumers legal access to wood- and wire-stick sparklers and other small,

relatively harmless fireworks. The remaining 42 states and the District of Columbia let consumers use a far wider array of fireworks,

according to the pyrotechnics organization.

This report was published on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website.

Happy Holiday






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