Flour For Your Sink

Hello Divas,

Long time since I wrote to you ,

you know Covid19 get us crazy and scared but you know how you feel when you can’t see your grandam and worry all time but thank god now at least I could see her and talk to her and also ask her for some hacks here we go what she is doing right now.

She took Flour and spread all over her sink .She got two of them in the kitchen and I said Grandam Susan “what are you doing this flour is for the cake” . She laughed and said :

Listen my dear,

If you have a stainless steel sink, the single best thing you can do for it is to polish it with flour once every week or once every two weeks or if you are busy once in a while and you will be amazed with the results .Wash and dry the sink, sprinkle the flour all over the whole sink , and then get to buffing buff it with clean sponge when you done puffing wash it with cold water until you see shine coming from it . You’ll be surprised at how sparkly the metal gets!

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