Fruity Flops


crispy marshmallow bar (1.4 oz, 4×2 inches)
Colored candy sprinkles
roll  Betty Crocker  Fruit Roll-Ups chewy fruit flavored snack
Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers fruit flavored snacks
  • 1 Cut marshmallow bar in half horizontally. Round corners and trim each into flip flop shape. Immediately press candy sprinkles onto cut sides of each flip flop.
  • 2 Unroll Fruit Roll-Ups fruit flavored snack; remove paper. With kitchen scissors, cut 2 strips, 4×3/4 inch each, from fruit flavored snack roll. Fold each strip in half, forming V shape. Press on bars to make flip flop straps. Place Fruit Gushers fruit flavored snack at tip of each V shape. 
  • adapted from Betty crocker 

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