Get the nails healthy and strong naturaly

Grandma Susan says in the old days they never had fake nails that we are using today to show fake beauty

it’s not healthy and you kill your original nails look what they used to do to get strong nails and long in grandma’s days .
Get the nails healthy and strong
Tomatoes have a strong impact and effectively strengthen

nails and prevent  them from break , garlic also is very useful for growing the nails .


2 garlic cloves.

1 teaspoon of  salt.

1 tomato.

Put the  tomato and garlic cloves in a blender , blend it and then  add salt to it.

Soak your nails in the mixture for 15 minutes .  Wash your hands with cold water.

Advised to use this mixture 4 times a week at night for a month and you’ll notice

the difference yourself Stronger nails,harder and longer…give it a try girl and see the magic…


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