Glycerin and Sugar For Soft Feet





Hi Divas,


Spring is around the corner and we all love to treat our feet the right way and get them soft ,

especially after this hard  winter .If you are looking for a recipe to soften the foot  with  removing dead skin

we need some ingredients from our kitchen cabinets …as usual Grandma Susan will provide us the recipe how to keep our feet soft and smooth .



Two tablespoons of sugar.

 Two tablespoons of glycerin.

3 teaspoon olive oil

plastic rap

2 teaspoon of foot cream any kind


– Mix glycerin with sugar and olive oil well and let them sit aside for five minutes.

– Put a tablespoon of cream in a bowl andheat it in the microwave for two seconds  and then rap the cream into your feet

– Prefer to wash your feet with warm water before putting the cream.

– Wipe the cream with paper towel and put the  mixture of sugar and olive oil and message it  in  circular motions from the inside to the outside.

– Rap your  feet  in plastic cover and leave them for twenty minutes or at least ten minutes and after rinse with warm water.



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