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Hair mask using Nettle Oil For hair Loss


Hi Divas…

Hair mask using Nettle Oil For hair LOss
1 cup fresh nettle tops
½ Cup of nettle roots
¼ Cup fresh fruit of Laurel (or if not found ¼ Cup Laurie oil)
¼ Cup fresh rosemary
¼ Cup wort oil
1 tea spoon Lavender tincture
Oat powder
5 drops of essential oil for every 20ml
(Choose accordingly with our hair type*)
*Olive oil for dry-normal hair or
Sesame oil for oily hair
(organic oils are preferred)
If using dried herbs, their proportions are reduced by half.
How we make the nettle oil
Finely chop the herbs.
Beat lightly in mortar, first the roots, the Laurel and Rosemary fruits and then the leaves of nettle but be careful not to melt.
Transfer the herbs in bain marie pan for half an hour at low temperature.
Put the herbs in sterile and dry glass jar, add the wort oil and the olive oil until the herbs are covered.
Add the tincture of lavender, close the lid and shake lightly.
Store the jar in a warm and sunny environment and leave it for 7-10 days shaking it lightly once a day.
Strain the oil and keep it in a dark glass sterile container in cool place.Once a week, for at least a month,
heat 1 shot glass (50 ml) nettle oil and apply on hair roots while massaging. Then comb and spread the oil
around the length of the hair. If you can’t sleep wearing the mask, wrap the hair with a warm towel for at
least one hour. For even more excellent results, mix the nettle oil with oat powder (1 tea spoon for every 50ml)
making a magic porridge for a natural conditioning mask, containing minerals and vitamin B5.
This amazing treatment with nettle plant can help you forget all about hair loss once and for all.

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