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Few Leaves Of This Plant And No More Cockroaches


 Few leaves of this plant and put it in  every corner of your home, and you will never see cockroaches and other insects

Cockroaches are rejected, and everyone is afraid of them, especially if we see one of these at home.

These insects are everywhere and they fit easily. In addition, the roach, can absorb high levels of radiation and survive without food for 30 days.

They find food or water sources easily and leave chemical footprints through their farces, which is also the method of communication between them. This is why they tend to gather in one place.

Here’s something you would be happy with you if you have problems with those nasty insects. This is a useful trick that will help you avoid those toxic industrial chemicals and hazardous.

Bay leaves – the most effective repellent cockroaches.

Bay leaves are not able to kill one of them, but to drive them quickly because they can not stand the smell. Put them in every corner of your home.

Put 10  leaves in your garden or kitchen to get rid of cockroaches that infest the area. Bay leaves are safe and non-toxic, so there is nothing to worry about putting them in the pantry or kitchen.

You can put a few bay leaves in your garden without worrying about the safety of the animals or your children.

Bay leaves can be used dry or fresh . In any case, the best way to use them is to grind them into powder. The reason is, they release  stronger smell and the roaches will leave the house because the smell.

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