Lemon Roasted Chicken – Yummy



Lemon Roasted ChickenIngredients:
1 roasting chicken (3-5 pounds)
2 lemons cut in half…
2 medium sweet onions
1 bundle fresh thyme
salt and fresh ground black pepper
Pinch of all spiceDirections:
Preheat oven to 450. Take chicken out of the fridge about a half hour before starting this.
Remove the giblets from the inside of the chicken. (I freeze these to put into chicken stock later).
Carefully rinse the chicken so that you don’t get juice all over your clean sink.
Drain thoroughly and use several paper towels to dry the chicken inside and out.
When dry, sprinkle salt and pepper inside the cavity and on the under side of the chicken.
Place 2 lemon halves and one onion inside the cavity. (if you only have room for 1 half, that’s OK,
but it’s important to get some of each in the cavity!) Spray a dutch oven with cooking spray and place
the chicken breast side up in the pan. Sprinkle the upper side with salt and pepper , all spice .
Place the rest of the onion and lemon inside the pan next to the chicken.
Place the thyme bundle in the pan. Add about an inch or so of water.
Bake uncovered for 30 minutes until the skin is nice and crispy.
Lower the heat to 375, cover and bake for another 45 minutes to an hour.
Chicken is done when the temp is above 165 degrees.
Take out of pan, place on a cutting board and cover with foil.
Let the chicken rest for 10 minutes. Carve and enjoy!


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