Leonardo DiCaprio New Look


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Hi Divas,

Leonardo DiCaprio : Titanic  Star  Jack  ,he sits alone in a restaurant in New York City Itnoa low-calorie diet,
DiCaprio has a strange beard !!
Leonardo DiCaprio was looking different !!!
 Is it going to be DiCaprio Fashion for Summer 2015 ??

 the Hollywood star  Leonardo DiCaprio just turned 40 years old, but he still
makes ladies everywhere swoon as though he was Romeo was  hiding behind his sunglasses and his beard.
A day before he was  shopping in New York trying to hide behind a head “Cap” and a  ponytail.
The beard showed DiCaprio in new look .But DiCaprio looked so sad and calm as we have not seen him like this before.
Leonardo DiCaprio,sporting a full beard , a man bun (oh no) What do you think is he still a model or not?
The new DiCaprio film “crowded room,” will play Leonardo 24 distinct role, the film tells
the personal story of real-life as “Billy Milligan,” who was the first person to assume multiple
personalities as defense in court, and received “not guilty” verdict in two rape and robbery in
Ohio in the seventies of the last century on the grounds of mental illness crimes, claiming that
two of the other characters were the ones who committed the crimes without his knowledge,
and based on the movie to a book published in 1981.
Leonardo DiCaprio was looking to film it since 1997.
11069612_830305417005349_4702744108080897509_nThe previous day the Hollywood actor cut a scruffy figure when he hit the shops in Madison Avenue in New York.

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