Lettuce Leaves To Reduce Dark Circles Under The Eyes

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Hi Divas,


Dark circles of the most aesthetic problems of women in this days because of the pressures of work and the many responsibilities. But these circles can be treated if we take care our skin the right way and also if we give our body the minerals he needs .First, you should know that very tired skin and dehydration eyes is the most common to have dark under the eyes ,you must drink more water and feed your body with vegetables and fruits in order to regain your skin freshness.Here are some home recipes to eliminate the black under the eyes.

Recommended by a doctor to use cucumber with some lemon drops this will help to remove dark circles if we do it daily at night but if you have sensitive skin don’t use lemon use orange juice or grapefruit juice instead.

Also teaspoon of almond oil with a teaspoon of mint juice and compresses dip a cotton ball in the mixture and then place it on your eyes for five minutes and then rinse.

This recipe helps me to lighten under my eyes and get rid of the dark circles. I used honey with a little cornstarch mix them well and then spread the mixture under your eyes and leave it for ten minutes, then rinse.

The last recipe that guide you to them is to use a lettuce leaf to brighten the darkening under the eye, boiling the lettuce leaf and leave your water boiling aside add a little rose water and wipe under your eyes with this liquid and also put a cotton pad dip it with this liquid and place it on your eyes leave it on for ten minutes and rinse.

But you should know that any normal recipe can not achieve radical changes if you don’t give your body the rest it needs.

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