Lupine face mask …whitening naturaly

Lupine is known as magic whitening for all types of skin .You can use this mask also for under your arm if the skin under our arm getting black especially from shaving also in your bikini area …you will see also a good results of stopping growing  hair in these areas.Soon I will post some tips to stop hair growing for under arm and bikini ,stay tuned.

one tablespoon lupine powder  ( if you can’t find it just get lupine seeds and ground it. You can find these seeds in any health stores) .In USA you can find it in any Middle Eastern Food stores.
one table spoon liquid milk
1/2 tablespoon rose water

Wash our hands before you mixing all ingredients .Mix them well until you get a paste put on your face for 15 minutes and then wash with warm water .Your skin will looks brighter and dark spots will disappear after couple times of using this natural mask, its a natural whitening mask that you will love .You can use it twice a week.I love the results myself.

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