Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Use Vinegar For Multi-Purpose Cleaner !
I don’t use toxic laden chemicals in our house, for health reasons, but it also saves us heaps of money, that’s a win,win  good for our health and our bank balance. Vinegar is such a great cleaning agent, I half fill our spray bottle with white home brand vinegar and half with water. Great for cleaning windows, mirrors, benches, ovens, stove top, wiping out the sink and draining area. So I recommend stop using deadly toxic cleaning products in your homes, and try using vinegar. Make up a few bottles and keep them in the relative rooms, bathroom,laundry & kitchen. Most of the time I just use water, but some times we need something a little stronger. Also great to use as a fabric softener and it also cleans all the soap scum from the washing machine. I don’t have a dishwasher but I have heard people using it for a rinse aid in their dishwashers. A great way to clean your toilets and drains, you put about a cup of vinegar and about a cup of bi-cab it will all fizz up, put lid down or plug in and leave overnight if possible or as long as possible.I also use it to wipe over door handles, also light switches, but I spray some on the cloth then wipe over light switches. What other uses around the house do people use vinegar for, please post and share them with us.

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