Oils To Burn Fat Naturally From The Belly Area


Hi Divas,

You have to know that nature is rich in elements to take care of your beauty and your health,
so do not use chemical products that are harmful to your body more of his testimony.
Massage oils to get rid of the fat stored in the abdomen and thighs area natural and free of chemicals.
A spoonful of green tea oil
One teaspoon of cinnamon oil
Tablespoon marjoram oil
A spoonful of ginger oil
One Teaspoon of clove oil
Mix all ingredients in a bottle and save it in a dark place until use.
Use some of the oil  after a warm bath before going to sleep for a period of 15 minutes by massaging the areas in which you would like to burn fat like the belly area.
Leave it on and go to sleep .
In the morning  take a shower before going to work.Or You can leave it on and when you done with your work take a shower .
I always wrap it with plastic wrap until I finish all my house work then I take a shower.
Repeat this process every day for a month so you  can notice the results for yourself.

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