Onions Planted In A bottle

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Hi Divas,

Onion when I said it I always  think about the smell, but we still love it.

Never mind the tears onions bring on—they are an ace ally in your fight against diseases.

Raw onions encourage the production of good cholesterol , keeping your heart healthy.

A powerful compound called Quercetin in onions is known to play a significant role in preventing cancer.

Got bitten by a honeybee? Just apply some onion juice to the sore area and

you will have an immediate relief from the burning sensation.

Today we will try to plant our onions so soon we will have some to add to our salad dish or any food.

I saw this in the internet and I love the idea.All you need is so handy …


Onion as you need
5 liter-plastic bottle
A pair of scissors
Top Soil
Method :
Start by cutting the neck off the plastic bottle.
Cut some holes in it, with the scissors. The holes should be big enough for the onions.
Make sure the onion sprouts are positioned through the holes.
Put layers of soil and sprouts, adding them until the bottle is full.
Water the soil and set it on your windowsill.
While you can watch them grow, and now flavor your dishes with them!

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