Paco Rabanne Chocolate Dress



Chocolate !!!!  We  eat , we use for cooking  but…………

How about a chocolate dress? That’s probably what Spanish designer Paco Rabanne thought before he designed his famous “Chocolate Dress”.

What’s it like to be wrapped in chocolate? Must be quite nice to able to nibble your way through the day…

But still, it’s quite difficult to imagine the dress in real life… Chocolate dresses belong in fairy tales and stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Henzel & Gretel – not the bleeding cat walk!

Whatever gave Paco Rabane this extraordinary idea, I  have to admit – it’s pretty creative – not to mention tempting for hardcore chocolate lovers. Also – doesn’t look half bad!


Other trends also used chocolate for dresses but you should be carefull when you wear it especially in a hot day 🙂 it’s will melt easily..













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