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Pineapple !!! How to Plant It

                                                                                  Photo credit :Gardeningchanel

In order to grow a pineapple:

A pineapple fruit
A glass container of water
A planter
Potting soil

You need a nice and ripe pineapple fruit.

Rinse the fruit, and then place it on its side on a cutting board.
Cut the top green area along an inch or two of the sweet yellow flesh. Dry the crown in the sun for a few days. Then you should pull out only the outer stiff leaves, while leaving the inside ones. Put the crown into a small glass container with about half an inch of clean water, so the bottom is dipped into the water, while the leaves float above the water level.

You should place the glass container in a sunny place, next to a window pane or outside in your garden for at least 2 weeks. Change the water every 2nd or 3rd day.

In a fortnight, the crown will produce roots and be ready for planting, so prepare a suitable planter with potting soil in order to plant it.

You should water your plant just enough to keep the soil wet. It is recommended to expose it to the sun for at least 6 hours a day. You should place it in your home or in shade for the rest of the day.

You can grow your pineapple plant for about a year in your planter. When it outgrows the planter, you can replant it in a bigger pot or plant it directly in your garden.
You can expect your first pineapple fruit in 12 months’ time or even sooner!


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