Prepare Your Children for their Future!

Etiquette is about valuing and showing respect for others and living with integrity.
Children need to learn proper manners and social skills now more than ever. Competition to get into good colleges and to get good jobs is becoming increasingly tough and those young people whose social skills are well developed will stand out in the crowd and have a leg up on their peers. Knowing the proper social graces allows children to feel confident and poised.
Etiquette training teaches the importance of expanding one’s world view beyond one’s own self and thinking about the thoughts, feelings and needs of those around us. Treating others with dignity and respect creates a society that is civil and thoughtful.
Adults must remember that even though today’s children seem very mature, they aren’t, they have just been bombarded with adult content and in turn will imitate what they see and push the limits as far as adults will allow. With the advent of technology, impressionable children are exposed to┬álimitless amounts of content that can drastically alter their behavior.
It is a mistake to think that children will just pick up good manners and social skills. The rules of etiquette must actively be taught. Starting when children are small, the basic building blocks of etiquette must be put into place. Over time, with practice and gentle reinforcement, children will develop their skills, and by the time they reach adulthood they will have flawless manners.

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