Rose petal vinegar

It’s very easy to make, simply collect a jar full of fresh rose petals (I always let flowers sit outside on the porch for a little while to make sure any bugs have time to escape.) (Bug vinegar is NOT so appealing!)  Heat some of your preferred choice of vinegar (many prefer apple cider, I used white for this batch since that’s what I had on hand) to a simmer, then pour into the jar of petals. Cap and let this mixture sit until the desired color is reached – anywhere from one week to six weeks then strain and compost your rose petals.
Rose petal vinegar is not only pretty to look at, it’s quite useful too! It’s very cooling, so think of putting it on things that are inflamed such as bug bites and itchy spots. Dilute with water and store in a spray bottle in the refrigerator to relieve the pain of sunburn. It is reported to be a great treatment for rosacea, though I’ve no experience using it for that. For young children and very sensitive skin, dilute with more water. This also makes a lovely hair rinse or addition to your bathwater.
Rose petal vinegar should be stored in a dark cabinet as the light will fade the beautiful color. It will keep at least a year. In spite of my picture, you should use a non-metallic cap for storage to avoid reaction with the acid.
If you have an abundance of roses and want to preserve some of that beauty – try making rose petal vinegar today!

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