Sagittarius – Women – are – you – one – of – them



Miss Sagittarius are fun, fearless and full of life!

These friendly ladies tend to be happy to meet, greet and interact with others on a social level. They are also usually full of “get up and go” energy; this makes them a true joy to be around and the center of any party! For the most part, no scheme is too grand, and no plan is too large for these intelligent ladies to tackle.

  • Miss Sagittarius take a decision only after studying any problem deeply.
  • Miss Sagittarius tends to look at the brighter side of the things and possesses good amount of self-confidence. She mostly acts as per her desire and is not much concerned about the results. She also has the habit of speaking as she wants to without thinking of the impact it can have on others.
  • Friendship comes easily to Miss Sagittarius  . She can develop it in a moment and maintain it for a long period of time.
  • Miss Sagittarius believes in fair play & justice and often fight for wronged people.
  •  Miss Sagittarius will work to attain new knowledge and like to pursue higher education.  Miss Sagittarius likes to travel and shall go on long and short journeys a number of times in her life. She will also be able to attain your goals fast but after that you tend to waste lot of your energy.
  • Even after having a fair degree of success in her life, Miss Sagittarius does not feel satisfied and something deep within them does not let her rest.


It’s also a good thing that Miss Sagittarius are so joyous because it helps to take some of the sting off of their very honest, often blunt, reactions to the world around them! These women will gladly tell you if a dress is too tight, if you should take that job or if you’re mate is running around on you. Just one word to the wise, though. If you are overly sensitive and don’t really want to know the truth, don’t ask lady Sagittarius for her opinion!

Miss Sagittarius is very sentimental and emotional, though it seems otherwise. It just that, where her  feelings are concerned, she  becomes too shy.

After marriage, her  house will always remain sparkling clean, even if she doesn’t have a maid to do that.

Miss Sagittarius cannot stand sloppiness, it doesn’t appeal to her sensibilities.  She is  very sentimental and emotional, though it seems otherwise. .She may not be too good at cooking, but she will also not burn an egg every day.

Miss Sagittarius may pass the most sarcastic comments when she is angry, but she will forget the resentment soon enough. Then, she won’t understand why are you so upset.

Sagittarius girl, you will never have to guess. She says what she thinks and how she acts shows what she feels. This bluntness may cost her heavily at times, even to the point of ending the relationship. Still, she would act as if she’s not hurt at all and it is just one of the many harmless flirtations she’s had. People will even believe all this, while inside she will be weeping and nursing her wounds. All this time, she will be analyzing what went wrong and when.

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