Salt Scrub With Citrus Oil



Hi Divas ,

Grandma Susan wants you to

Pamper your  mom with this fragrant citrus scrub.

Combine salt, essential oil, and grapefruit zest for a spa-worthy scrub that will

leave her skin feeling silky and smooth.


1/4 cup Epsom salt

-1/2 cup sea salt

-1/4 cup baking soda

-1/2 grapefruit

-Citrus essential oil

-Red food coloring

-Measuring cups

-Mason jar


Mix together the salts and baking soda in a bowl

Add 2 tbsp. grapefruit zest

Squeeze the juice of 1/4 grapefruit into the mixture

Add 8-9 drops of citrus essential oil

Stir in 1 drop of red food coloring for a soft pink color
Transfer into a jar and cover with a piece of fabric and secure with twine.

Viola ready to use just go to the bath tub and start your scrub it will let you smell wow.


Please note: Citrus essential oils can cause possible skin sensitivity, especially to sunlight.

Also, if you’re pregnant or taking prescription medications, please consult your physician before using essential oils.


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