Scented Bedsheets

Hi Divas,

I’m in love with this smell.

My Grandma used to do it,  long time ago, when there is no febreeze .
Today I will tell you the secret …..

Rose water

Add 3 Tablespoons of rosewater for every 1/2 cup of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Before getting into bed,  lightly mist the sheets with scented water.It’s safe for any fabric.

When I don’t have rosewater I replace it with fabric softener.
A recipe for sweet dreams and more!

6 thoughts on “Scented Bedsheets

  • 2013 at 5:41 am

    I have heard of this before but never tried it.. I guess it can’t hurt… Ill try lavender since that is suppose 2 b relaxing….

  • 2013 at 12:51 pm

    I do this for my sheets & my daughters sheets I use a used fabreze bottle 2-3 table spoons of downy softener & fill the bottle with water ,it’s great for curtains,stuffed animals,couches,rugs & my best my hubby’s closet ,it’s great on any fabric I’ve tried it on any fabric I get home my house smells so amazing my daughter and my husband loves it

    • 2013 at 2:45 am

      Thank u Guiselle. I am certainly trying this.

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